When we need to search for some kind of information which is stored on the web, it may be almost out of the question without some support that assists to sort through it. In this situation, Google ranking systems appear to sort through a plethora of web pages in users’ searching index to detect the most convenient and beneficial upshots in an extremely short time interval and show them in a special way that makes you you find what you are searching for. Google algorithm is a special method which is used by Google to classify the web pages as a result of users’ inquiries. On the other hand, it is considered as Google’s main contribution to assessing the beneficial or crucial features of a website in terms of popularity. It is said that the search algorithm of Google is renewed a lot of times per year. However, in many cases, these updates are considered exceedingly minor to be aware of. There are some identified updates that are too popular.

Panda algorithm update. 

The date of the establishment of this update is February 24, 2011. The Panda algorithm update is designed to determine specific quality score for the web pages. The mentioned score plays a role of ranking element. At the outset, the impacts of Panda update were distinguished by being more moderate. Almost 5 years later, in January 2016, this update was included to Google’s major algorithm and considered to be permanent. From that time, the presentations of updates are practiced to be more recurrent and as a result of this, both of its main features, penalties and restorations are begun to occur faster. 

Along with these features, there are also crucial regulations of this update which are efficient to point out. First of all, it is beneficial to manage methodical and well-organized site controls for the duplication of content, the thin maintenance and keyword filling. In order to implement it, a site crawler is advisable like a website auditor. With the help of new content editor module of the website auditor, it is feasible to prevent possible penalties as well as establish the pages where the risk of keyword stuffing is not available. In this way, you will be provided with recommendations which are relating to the content which is determined as a successful one in Google search.

On the other hand, the identified harms of Panda update should be underlined. These are duplicating, the content which is plagiarized, the feature of keyword stuffing and any other related characteristics. 

Penguin algorithm update.

The update was created on April 24, 2012. The initial aim of the update was to engage in the websites which were getting links in an unnatural way for increasing their rankings. When Google began to apply this update, plethora of websites were undergone to a Google penalty and within the framework of the consequences of this situation, they dropped out of search. As a result, the circumstances changed radically, which contributed to an innovative and different beginning in link building. Generally, to get rid of Google penalty is chosen to be a long process; however, the new category of Penguin which Google applied in September, caused substantial variations. Nowadays, Penguin is considered as the core algorithm of Google; it is not a separate filter. Besides, some the negative sides of this update should be taken into consideration. The hazardous aspect of Penguin is that when our website is penalized, we will not be aware of this case; rather we will not be provided with the information about that. It is only possible to guess it with the help of indirect signs, for example, a sharp drop in organic traffic. The process of recovery may be so faster than we expect, however, we should take into account that the same situation is valid for the penalty process as well. 

Hummingbird algorithm update

August 22, 2013, is the date Hummingbird update was generated; however, it was formally declared by Google one month later, September 2013. The most popular feature of this update is supported by Google in order to interpret the search queries by users and provide the most relevant results according to the searching. During the searching process, the keywords may be so crucial. However, the Hummingbird update implements the action of the right page query rank, even if it doesn’t cover the precise words that the user entered. Google attains it with the help of natural language processing which is based on terms appearing at the same time and synonyms. In order to see the exact features of this algorithm, it should be better to compare it with the previous updates like Panda and Penguin. Apart from the previous updates which were formerly designed as an addition to Google’s existing algorithm, Hummingbird is playing the role of a complete overhaul of the core algorithm. Although it was thought that most of the core algorithm components which existed before remain intact, it is proofed by Hummingbird that it contains the complex content in order to match the queries of searchers’ to the most convenient consequences. 

To realize the main purpose behind Hummingbird deeply, it is more efficient to be aware of the search engine characteristics which are seriously by this update. These mentioned features are considered to be a semantic research and the graph of knowledge. The first element was constructed to implement the aim of providing the exact and rapid answer according to the searchers’ queries. It is possible to notice this graph on the results page when the chocolate chips cookies content was searched for. 

When it comes to semantic research, it contains the maintenance which tries to match the meaning according to the understanding of the users with the help of keywords. 

BERT algorithm update

This Google algorithm is designed to use natural language processing technology first of all in order to understand the queries better which are entered by users, secondly, to interpret the text and finally, to determine the existing entities and also the possible relationship between them. The meaning of the abbreviation BERT is Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers and it is relating to the certain algorithm model which reflects the neural networks. Within the framework of the support which is provided by the Natural Language Processing (NLP) machine systems try to interpret the complication of the human language. The Bert algorithm update can be understood as the culmination point of the efforts which have been used for the previous algorithm updates by providing Google with the understanding of queries and the searching results. Google itself described this update as its most overwhelming jump forward in the last five years. If this update formerly only expressed Google.com’s organic research results, it has reflected in more than 70 languages in the world from December 2019. 

On the other hand, one of the main features of this update is its processing the entered words in relation to the other words in the relevant phrase instead of doing it one-by-one in word order. It also claimed by Google that the Bert update is able to impact at least one search out of each 10 searches in the US. Furthermore, Google asserts that this update is in the capacity to figure out the different meanings which the prepositions provide to the certain phrases such as for, to and any other related prepositions. 

Rank Brain update

This update is known as the one part of Hummingbird algorithm update. It contributed to Hummingbird by providing more precise searching results. This is because Rank Brain is able to understand words or phrases more than Hummingbird. It also defines the results for not only the language but also the country in which a query is made. By supporting Google in order to figure out the maintenance of the queries entered by users and to determine the best matching results according to these queries, Rank Brain is some kind of machine learning system. It was actually designed in the spring of 2015, however, declared to the public on October 26 of the same year. This update is named the third crucial ranking factor by Google. Even if the users are not able to know the precise formula which this update contains, but at the same time, the common point of view is that Rank Brain’s main responsibility covers the modifying of Google search results of users. As a matter of fact, during the searching process, Google does not only provides the results we are searching for, it also offers the possible other results relating to our search by taking into account more wide context. 

When it comes to the importance of Rank Brain algorithm update, it is possible to say that this update is considered as the first initiative in machine learning and will play an essential role for the future of search. Moreover, according to the point of view of the researcher scientist Greg Corrado, if this algorithm update will be taken away, its impact on the user experience will be negative and it will lead to the failure on indexing half of the pages on Wikipedia.